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Meet the Brewers Revising Beer Styles

Revisionist opens up a whole new world for us brewers. It’s like being given the keys to the Brewery
16th February 2016

Revisionist Brewers

Marston’s love beer. The company has evolved since 1834 and has added many different breweries along the way. With different breweries, comes different brewers and with different brewers, come different ideas. This is how the Revisionist beer series was created. A platform to give our vast array of brewers a chance to brew the beer they want to see in our portfolio. Starting with 5 individuals back in 2012, they were given the opportunity to offer their take on beer styles, to push the boundaries and produce something new. The Revisionist team is now made up of 14 brewing experts, all with unique ideas to create an intriguing portfolio.

Based at our breweries across the country and using the expertise of the brains behind our beer, we are able to provide an innovative selection of guest ales for our 2016 programme in addition to our permanent keg range. They all have unique ingredient styles and some fascinating back stories behind their creations.

Dave Carter, Brewer

Revisionist opens up a whole new world for us brewers. It’s like being given the keys to the Brewery

The permanent Revisionist keg range was born from the creation of Craft Lager by Master Brewer, Simon Yates who wanted to create something that offered more excitement than mainstream lagers. By blending ‘new world’ hop characters with ‘old world’ continental lager styles, Simon was able to achieve this and the Revisionist range was born. From then on, each year, brewers are invited to offer their take on beer styles to create new products. Dark IPA, Rye Pale Ale and Craft Stout now sit alongside Craft Lager in our permanent keg offering.

Genevieve Upton, Master Brewer

. Revisionist is about brewing the beers that we want to brew and want to drink ourselves, but may not necessarily sit within one of our brand groups.

Collaboration has become key in creating our stand out Revisionist range and Dark IPA, which sits proudly in our permanent offering was the first. Jon Tillson and Dave Carter, brewers at Wychwood Brewery joined forces to deliver their take on an American influenced style pale ale, blending darker malts to produce a deceptively darker beer. It’s beers like this that prove challenging, but extremely rewarding to our talented team and such creations have given the masters behind the beers the recognition they deserve, with social media fan bases growing larger every day!

Experimentation and collaboration is something that our team thrive in and this passion has contributed to a guest ale programme for 2016 full of style and character. Exploring the realms of the ‘5th ingredient’ gives the Revisionist drinker that unexpected surprise, which is evident in many of our beers.

Carlo Sais, Brewer

. There’s always new ingredients to be used, or even old ones but in completely different ways

India Spiced Pale Ale, guest ale for May and June 2016 was inspired by Lee Upton, the husband of our Master Brewer, Genevieve. Playing on his “amazing curry making skills”, the 4.6% ABV India Spiced Pale Ale offers a burnished gold beer inspired and infused with Indian Cuisine inspired spices. This husband and wife collaboration mixed coriander seed, cumin and black pepper with a sweet edge to give a warm, Indian Souk feel – and an insight into what seems to be a particularly tasty kitchen.

Patrick McGinty, Master Brewer

We can really push the boundaries with the materials we have available to use

From conducting video interviews with a handful of the Revisionist team, which are available to view on the Revisionist website, we were able to delve into the passion and love that goes into these formations. From Maurice’s “mouth-watering and moreish” Red IPA to Carlo comparing his Sardinian Bock creation to hearing cover versions of a song. “You don’t necessarily know the original, but it’s familiar - with an unexpected twist on an established style.”

Pat’s sweet tooth inspired him to experiment with fruity ingredients and decadent chocolate flavours to create his Cherry Stout which will be available in November and Gen’s vision to create a stout with a difference, tapping into Dave’s expertise, changing the colour and coming up with her Golden Stout for July and August.

Its stories like these that set our beers apart from the rest. With true craft going into every brew, inspiring and fascinating backgrounds to every idea and a mix of extremely talented and eclectic people producing a range we’re proud of, Revisionist is able to offer a unique range of ‘out there’ beers to offer to the increasingly demanding market.

Our Brewers and Their Beers

  • Maurice Walton – Red IPA 2016, Ruby Liquorice Smoke 2015
  • Jon Tillson – Dark IPA 2014, Green Hop 2015
  • Dave Carter – Dark IPA 2014, Green Hop 2015, Golden Stout 2016
  • Simon Yates – Lager 2013, Rye 2014, Pacific Red 2014, Sardinian Bock 2015, Salted Caramel Tawny Ale 2016
  • Carlo Sais – Sardinian Bock 2015
  • Callum Turner – West Coast IPA 2015
  • Patrick McGinty – Canadian Red 2015, Irish Peated Ale 2016, Black Cherry Stout 2016
  • Genevieve Upton – Steam 2014, Ruby Liquorice Smoke 2015, Juniper Pale Ale 2015, India Spice Pale Ale 2016, Golden Stout 2016
  • Lee Upton – India Spice Pale Ale 2016
  • Rebecca Adams – Green Hop 2015
  • David Nijs – Wheat 2014

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