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Health and Nutrition

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  • We offer wholemeal and Genius (gluten free) bread as an option in our sandwich sections
  • We have a strong redevelopment programme in place to reduce salt content in our products and no new lines are launched unless they achieve 2017 salt targets
  • Our menu development strives to offer non-fried options in each section
  • Our children's menu has won the MIDAS award for Best Kids Menu on three occasions and allows parents to select healthier options for their children
  • Our new Children’s menu focuses on delivering more healthy choices. Furthermore, we’re advertising ‘Gimme 5’ which demonstrates how kids are able to get 5 of their 5 a day by opting for certain products from different courses
  • Marston's advertises 5 a day vegetable portions on our Children's menu. However, wherever a main meal is served with vegetables on our main menus it provides at least one of your 5 a day
  • Our future plan is to focus on sugar and fat reduction across our whole product range
Allergen Information

Allergen Information

  • Our Rotisserie & Grills Children’s menu now offers dairy free options
  • Some of our NGCI menus have been integrated within the main menus
  • The allergy app continues to give customers the opportunity to remove dishes that contain an allergen they wish to avoid using our simple filter system
  • We are compliant with the Food Information for Consumers Regulation 2014 which requires us to provide allergen information on the food we serve in our pubs
  • All our team members have received training in provision of allergen information
  • Our highest requests for information on food are from customers who are coeliac or intolerant to gluten and wheat and to make their visit to our pubs more enjoyable we have developed our product range so that approximately 66% is free of gluten. Development has not stopped with the product itself. We have NGCI (non-gluten containing ingredients) menus for the majority of our company menus - these feature dishes made with ingredients which do not contain wheat or gluten were launched so that customers can choose their food along with the rest of their party. The kitchen tickets clearly identify that the dish is from the special menu, avoiding potential customer discomfort. Pubs love these menus as they relieve pressure on staff, particularly at busy times, removing the need to remember or locate very complex information to answer the customer's questions
  • We now have an allergy app available in our pubs and online. This gives customers the opportunity to remove dishes that contain an allergen they wish to avoid using our simple filter system
  • We recognise the growing need for dairy/lactose free meals and will be producing menus that feature those dishes that do not contain lactose or milk

Food Sourcing

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and investors and to strengthen our brand integrity, we have launched a Food Supplier Charter which all suppliers are required to work to. The Food Supplier Charter sets out our expectations and minimum standards for suppliers to meet that will enable them to continue as an approved supplier to Marston’s. The Charter is available here to read here.

  • We have a loyal, trusted supplier base which has been with us for decades. Many of the suppliers are family owned and enjoy a close working relationship with Marston's
  • All food suppliers are either BRC approved, complete a self audit or are audited independently
  • We work closely with our butchers, Russell Hume, who are dedicated to sourcing only the finest quality beef for us. All our steaks are extra matured for a minimum of 35 days, the extended maturation allows the natural enzymes longer to break down the meat enabling tenderness, flavour and succulence to improve
  • We source 5,600 tonnes of chips from a supplier who uses the potato remnants for animal feed, fertiliser and renewable energy
  • All our burgers are made to our own recipe. We use a combination of quality beef cuts, simply mince them, add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavour and gluten free rusk to help bind the ingredients together then shape them into burgers
  • Our steak/beef pies use 100% British meat
  • Our canned tuna is Dolphin friendly
  • Every month we use 300,000 free range eggs
  • Our chicken tikka masala and curry sauces are manufactured by a family business using recipes handed down through the generations of the same family. Chicken breast and sauces are marinated in spices sourced from India, then blended with a classic tomato based sauce and finished with cream
  • Our lasagne supports British farmers as we use British farm-assured minced beef and then for a true authentic Italian taste we use Italian egg pasta