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Gender Pay Reporting

Result (%)
Mean Gender Pay Gap 23.9
Median Gender Pay Gap 0.0
Mean Gender Bonus Gap 85.2
Median Gender Bonus Gap 54.8
% of males receiving a bonus 27.8
% of females receiving a bonus 14.1
Gender Quartile Split % Male % Female
Q1 (Highest Earners) 71.2 28.8
Q2 40.1 59.9
Q3 39.8 60.2
Q4 (Lowest Earners) 41.7 58.3


Marston’s is a leading pub and brewing business, employing approximately 14,000 people at over 1,500 pubs, breweries, depots and offices across the UK. Female representation at all levels of the business is critical, not least because of our reliance on female customers. Over half of our employees (52%), including around 40% of our pub managers, are female and we work hard to promote and ensure equal opportunity and reward regardless of gender.

We have carried out a deeper analysis of our gender pay gap, and established that whilst there is a gap, it is not driven by equal pay issues but the result of two key factors. Firstly, we operate in business segments with very different gender mix and pay structures; secondly, and like a lot of businesses, we have a historically higher proportion of males than females at the most senior management levels.

The impact of operating in business segments with different gender mix and pay structures is very significant. Marston’s operations include Pub operations, Brewing, Logistics and Central Support Services. We run Marston’s as one entity, therefore when we calculate the Gender Pay Gap for the total business, it is 23.9%. When we calculate the gap for the different operations in the company, which we would argue is more appropriate for gender pay purposes as it demonstrates equal pay policies for men and women within a division, the gap reduces significantly.

  • For our Pub operations, the female hourly rate is 7.6% lower (mean), 0.0% lower (median)
  • For Brewing, Logistics and Central Support Services – the female hourly rate is 6.0% lower (mean), 4.6% lower (median)

The Gender Pay Gap for Marston’s as a whole compared to the operating divisions is primarily due to there being a high male percentage of operatives and HGV drivers in Brewing and Logistics, in relatively higher paid jobs, and a higher female percentage amongst our bar staff working in pubs, which is relatively lower paid.

Further analysis also shows that there is a minimal Gender Pay Gap in pay quartiles 2, 3 and 4, but a larger gender pay gap in pay quartile 1. This is because both Executive Directors and a majority of the Executive Committee (our senior leadership team who run the business) are male, which has a significant impact on both our gender and bonus pay gaps.

In recent years female representation in senior roles in Pub management, Brewing, Logistics and Central Support Services has increased: we are committed to ensuring that this will continue. Our view has been that the best way to increase senior female representation is to ensure equality of opportunity at all levels, and that more appointments of women in junior roles will result in well qualified, experienced female talent coming through the business to take senior roles in the future. Similarly, where we recruit new candidates into our business, whilst we will always appoint the most qualified for the role, we have used this as an opportunity to bring females into senior roles.

Our People Strategy, implemented in 2016, will help us to take this further. The strategy sets out our plans to retain and develop existing talent using our newly introduced talent management system, which comprises performance, career and development reviews, as well as talent mapping. As a consequence, we are already significantly improving our ability to both identify and develop talent from all areas and levels across our diverse businesses, and are able to be more proactive in the development of future leaders through an increased focus on succession planning.

To complement this work on internal talent development, our new recruitment processes will increase further our ability to access a more diverse talent pool. Critical to this talent pipeline is our positive approach to apprenticeships.

We are seeing progress in all of the above areas, as reflected in employee feedback where we have seen a significant improvement in scores related to career and development opportunities, where positive feedback from our female colleagues is the highest.

Ralph Findlay
Chief Executive Officer

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