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There are lots of reasons that you may have visited one of our pub restaurants – but only one thing matters to us... that you are fully satisfied with your dining experience. The quality, range and value of our food menus mean a visit to a Marston’s pub restaurant is a memorable experience. Scroll down to find out more about our passion for amazing pub food.


 Marstons Two for One pub restaurants

At Marston’s we know that pubs are becoming more popular than ever for people looking for great value food in informal and comfortable surroundings. Furthermore, pub fans these days have a very broad range of tastes – and there is so much more choice when it comes to deciding where to eat out. That means pub dining has to move with the times, and Marston’s is at the cutting edge of menu innovation in the pub sector.

Our approach to innovation starts with the customer – and our menu development teams make it their mission to stay ahead of emerging customer trends… whether that be the popularity of street food such as hot dogs, having the flexibility to customise your burger the way you like it, or even just taking bar snacks in a new direction, we will find a way to make the new and unusual blend in to the familiar and reliable world of pub food.

It doesn’t stop there – we are continually striving to trial bold new ideas that challenge what people see as the norm for pub dining. For example, in around 15 of our Two for One pub restaurants we have created an exciting new Pizza Kitchen concept which combines the fun and freshness of pizza, prepared and stone baked to order in front of you, with the design and style of a contemporary casual dining restaurant. The innovation even extends to the naming of pizzas… can you guess what a ‘Butcher’s Block’ pizza is?

For many of our customers – familiar pub food is what they value above all else. That is why our menus will always strike the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, so that we can satisfy as many different tastes and occasions as possible. We refresh our menus twice a year so that seasonal dishes can be brought in and to keep the menus feeling fresh and appealing – and with every change we strive to introduce innovative elements so that our customers have more options and ultimately a more varied and satisfying experience.

Food sourcing

Making sure everything that goes into our food is produced and sourced ethically, and is socially and environmentally sustainable is critical to us.

This starts with the people that buy our food, following the Institute of Purchasing and Supply’s (CIPS) Professional Code of Ethics Statement.

Some examples of moves we’ve made:

  • Any new dishes are free of Mono Sodium Glutamate and genetically modified ingredients, and achieve the 2012 salt targets from the Department of Health. We want to go further and are looking at how we can reduce salt further to achieve the new 2017 targets
  • Our rotisserie chickens are Red Tractor approved
  • The cod and haddock on our fish and chips are from a sustainable source

Healthy Eating

A visit to the pub to eat is considered a treat - even for customers who are watching their weight, so we maintain our quest to develop dishes which offer both full flavour and generous portions, but at a lower calorie level. The range includes both specially developed dishes and dishes on our menu which can be served differently to achieve a lower Calorie count.

Depending on the menu, we work to Under 500 or 600 Calories because this achieves a target meal count for someone on a 1500 Calorie a day programme.

Marston’s have supported salt reduction through the Department of Health Responsibility Deal and continue to ensure that all new products we launch achieve the 2017 salt targets.

Our meals are also free of artificial trans fats and hydrogenated fats and oils.


Marston’s food, creative talent and fantastic menus have been recognised as some of the best in the business. At the 2017 MIDAS awards we won Best Kids Menu in class. Winner Daniel Matheson from Marston’s Inns and Taverns.

Allergen information

All of our pub web pages provide full allergen information using an app which allows a customer to customise the dishes to their specific requirements.

In addition the majority of our pubs can offer a printed NGCI menu featuring dishes made with ingredients which do not contain wheat or gluten so that customers can choose their food along with the rest of their party. The kitchen tickets clearly identify that the dish is from the special menu, avoiding potential customer discomfort.

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