Marston’s has over 14,000 employees working in our breweries, pubs, head office and logistics operations.

Employees in our pubs

Since starting its new build programme Marston’s has created over 6,000 jobs across the UK, many of them for young people.

Details of our new pubs and the training given to our new teams is available here:

Marston’s Pub Career Path develops our new employees including:

  • Job specific induction programme
  • Pub management courses – we created WISDOM (Working to Inspire Skill Development of Managers) which provides a flexible development solution for developing our pub managers based around three areas: essential / business / personal
  • Classroom courses and E-learning modules – Licensing, food safety, health and safety, fire awareness, first aid, fire marshal training)
  • Apprenticeship opportunities for all ages – Over 1,000 employees have completed an apprenticeship in the last 3 years
  • Chef Development Programme – training of line chefs, second chefs and head chefs
  • Keyholder Development Programme – training of supervisors and assistant managers
  • Deputy Manager Programme – training future licensed retail managers

During the year we have continued to invest in training and development:

  • 1 in 3 employees receiving formal training
  • Over 70,000 e-learning modules completed
  • Over 35,000 learning resources accessed via our Talent Academy online covering a range of areas, from health and safety, time management to delivering the “perfect serve”

Case study: Talent Academy Online

With a refreshed training and development strategy that enables employees to take control of their own learning, everyone in Marston’s can progress in a way that’s personal to their ambitions and learning style. An example of this autonomy is the rollout of our new online learning system and app – Marston’s Talent Academy Online.

Launched at the end of June 2017 to all of our team members across the pub estate, it supports the wider face-to-face training and more formal development courses offered by Marston’s Talent Academy team.

Talent Academy Online is completely on-demand and aims to make learning fun, easy to access and tailored for individual needs. By listening to employee feedback ahead of developing the new system, the Talent Academy Online expands on previous e-learning resources and is now full with a host of fresh materials to suit a modern learner’s needs. It’s ‘what’ team members want, ‘how’ and ‘when’ they want it. In addition to existing compliance modules, such as Health and Safety, it’s loaded with a wealth and breadth of new topics to choose from. And, because it’s all online, new and existing materials can be updated and added with ease, which makes responding to our team members’ feedback and requests much quicker. The new modules are also broken down into digestible chunks, which means employees can learn at their own pace and revisit content when they please.

For Marston’s, it’s not just about accessing new modules, either - the new system lets employees track their own progress, so they can focus on closing any gaps in skills and celebrate how far they’ve come on their learning journey. Line managers are also able to monitor their team’s progress, which means they can offer one-to-one support and make learning recommendations.

Case study: Apprenticeships

At Marston’s we have been attracting and developing our pub teams through apprenticeships for a number of years and now train over 450 apprentices across our pubs every year, in partnership with Lifetime Training. Our hospitality apprenticeships are the new industry standards for food and beverage, first and second line chefs and leadership positions, with clear progression pathways to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our people, from levels 2 to 5.

We directly recruit half of our overall apprentices and also train our current people through our apprenticeship programme, in our pubs, head office and across our breweries. Apprenticeships help us to attract young people to Marston’s - one in five of our apprentices are 16 to 18 years old.

We have created a four year ‘Apprentichef Development Apprenticeship Programme’ to demonstrate how a young person can progress from not having any experience working in a kitchen through to becoming a Head Chef, running a kitchen and leading a team. The apprenticeships are aligned to our ways of working and underpin our internal chef development programmes, providing the skills needed to run a busy and fast paced kitchen, the knowledge of the industry and Marston’s ways of working and how to work under pressure as part of an effective team and a third of all our apprentices are developing in kitchen roles.

35% of our apprentices are on a leadership apprenticeship, these start at level 2 team leading in our pubs and play a very important part in developing first time leadership skills for those who take on additional responsibility, such as becoming a key holder. As responsibilities increase, the level 3 in hospitality supervision apprenticeship supports development of our supervisors, who are keen to progress within their pub, we will be introducing the level 4 hospitality manager standard for our new General Managers in 2018 and have our first cohort of Area Operations Manager’s studying the new level 5 in Operations Management; the equivalent to a foundation degree.

Our support centre colleagues learn new skills as a result of new apprenticeship standard options to help them develop in their role. First time line managers are learning essential first line management skills through the new level 3 team leader standard, and we have identified plenty of opportunities to introduce apprenticeships into more departments over the next twelve months.

In our breweries, we have recruited engineering apprentices, on a four year journey towards becoming multi-skilled electricians and engineers supporting our high volume busy beer production lines and equipment. There isn’t a brewing apprenticeship in place at the moment, so we are part of a Brewing Trailblazer Employer Group developing one and hope to have our first brewing apprentice in the near future.

Our supply chain apprentices learn the ropes of how we get our products to all of our customers, and new for 2018 our Warehouse to Wheels two year programme has resulted in Marston’s first apprentices drivers.

Apprenticeships have not only helped us to train our teams to the industry standards, they have been a great tool to attract new people to Marston’s, and a great way of retaining our people. The hospitality industry has a high turn-over of people passing through, however apprenticeships are bucking that trend, three out of four apprentices are staying with us and going on to carve themselves great career pathways; at Marston’s it’s more than just a job – our people’s careers are developing and apprenticeships are really helping!


Management development

We offer a wide range of structured career development opportunities.

Marston’s is accredited to run the British Institute of Innkeeping’s multi-site retail management course. The aim of this training is to provide our Area Operations Managers with professional skills necessary to support out tenants in developing their own businesses.

Marston’s offers staff a wide range of professional development programmes accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Our brewery operations sponsor programmes such as Brewing Diplomas and Master Brewing qualifications, as well as CILT and HGV programmes.

In our head office a range of professional qualifications are supported including CIPD, CIMA, RICs and CIM, as well as degrees and diplomas.

Marston's Franchise and Retail Partners

Details on the support and training offered can be read at: Why Marston's

Marston's Leased Partners

Training is provided using a blended learning approach. Our five day Cornerstone Induction comprises of workshops covering everything from:

  • Menu development
  • Health and safety
  • Developing a drinks offer – including wine tasting and beer and food matching
  • VAT
  • Financial awareness
  • Social media and digital pub
  • E-learning and apprenticeships

Approximately 125 candidates attend the programme each year.
Our 'MyMarstons' website also provides ongoing help and support. Find out more

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