Corporate Strategy

Making Marston's the place to be for ...

our people

Our people

We want to recruit, retain and develop the best possible people in the industry.

our customers

Our customers

We want our customers to visit us then come back time and time again.

our investors

Our shareholders

We want to be the place for long-term investors who support our strategy.

In order to achieve this, we remain focused on the six following pillars:

high quality pub estate

Operating a high quality pub estate

We operate a pub estate that caters for a broad range of customers, with flexible operating models. As a consequence we ensure we have the right consumer offer, accompanied by the most appropriate operating model, to maximise sales and profits for each pub.

Case Study

The place to be… For our lessees

Through our partnership approach we fully engage with our lessee business partners, ensuring that we understand their business and work together to create a bespoke business plan, keeping their key personal and business objectives at the centre. Each lessee works with their Business Development Manager (BDM) to formulate a proactive plan that sets the agenda for the lessee and BDM to work towards over the year, helping to strengthen their working relationship. The Lease team also facilitates regular workshops where lessees can work together, alongside the BDM, sharing ideas and insight on a variety of subjects from wine development to improving margins. Combined with our capex programme that enables us to jointly invest with our business partners, this creates a genuine business partnership.

range of pub brands

Targeting pub growth: investing in pub-restaurants and Premium pubs, further developing Franchise

The new-build programme remains our key growth driver. Our strategy has evolved to capitalise upon other opportunities for expansion where the returns create significant shareholder value.

Case Studies

The place to be…. For our Franchisees

A number of successful multiple operators have joined us this year. Darren Brett became franchisee at the Oak Apple in Worcester in January 2016, and took on his second site, the Woodman in Netherton, a few months later. Darren says, “I am really excited about the direction Marston’s is moving in. It’s a progressive company and my future with Marston’s is looking really promising.”

The place to be... For our suppliers

We have worked with Newman Gauge as a key partner in our newbuild design process for around 10 years. They work across a wide client base within the hospitality and leisure sector and bring with them a breadth of knowledge and new ideas. They are currently working across our 'Two for One' and Pizza formats as well as 'Generous George'. Newman Gauge were also instrumental in supporting us with our refurbishment of Marston’s House, being a primary designer of all the office spaces.

marstons inns

Increased investment in rooms

Accommodation acts as a complementary income stream to an existing pub making the total pub revenue more consistent and less dependent on weather. To enhance pub profitability we are expanding our rooms offer.

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The place to be… For our People

The investment within the Marston’s Inns estate, and future growth plans, enables us to enhance the guest journey. Our teams, used to working in a pub environment, have the opportunity to upskill, by developing the skills required to manage the 24-hours-a-day business of an inn. Managers and their teams will also benefit from enhancing their knowledge and expertise.

The place to be... For our Customers

Marston’s Inns have invested in the most important element of any stay away from home: the bed! Through our partnership with Hypnos, our estate will be updated with a carefully crafted Hypnos bed, created specially for our Marston's Inns guests, with the flexibility to vary bed configurations to suit different room requirements. Hypnos beds use a blend of natural and sustainable fillings, whilst being 100% recyclable.

offering value for money

Offering the best consumer experience: quality, service, value and innovation

Providing a premium experience in an informal setting at any time of the day and ensuring our offer remains attractive to customers.

Case Study

The place to be... For our Customers

For our customers The Generous George menu was given a significant overhaul during 2016, resulting in a new format and focus on great pizzas and legendary burgers illustrated by great photography. Our customers love the look of the new menu and the featured burgers jumped straight into the top 10 dishes sold. Customer satisfaction remains extremely strong; food quality scores are the highest they have ever been and our customers are more likely than ever to recommend us to other people.

leadership in the UK beer market

Leadership in the UK beer market

To provide a portfolio of market leading brands to meet consumer demand for local provenance and taste, focused on the growth segments of the market.

Case Study

The place to be... For our Customers

Looking ahead to 2017, Marston’s beers have been given a striking new look with the aim of attracting a new generation of drinkers. At the heart of the new campaign is Marston’s Burton heritage: the spiritual home of UK brewing. The new Marston's brand is '100% Burton': rooted in its past but with a keen eye on the future. The range includes the iconic Marston’s Pedigree and the newly created 61 Deep.

our people

Ensuring people are at the heart of our business

If our people feel good and enjoy what they do, our customers will feel the benefits, enjoying and buying more of our products more frequently. Marston’s employs around 14,000 people and, although many businesses claim that ‘people are our most important asset’, it is truly the case that nothing makes a bigger difference to our business than our people.

Case Studies

The place to be... For our People

When opening or refurbishing a site, it is essential that we set our teams up for success – giving them the confidence and skills to be the best that they can be and to deliver an outstanding experience for the customer. Each of our new-build and refurbishment sites receives dedicated support and a bespoke training programme, for both front and back of house teams, enabling them to consistently delight their customers and make Marston’s 'The Place to Be'. Over the last year, we have delivered 1,125 days of training and development for these sites.

The place to be... For our People

We have developed new channels to improve how we communicate with our people. We launched an all-employee print magazine: The Place, which is delivered to every Marston’s pub, brewery, depot and office. For our more remote and younger employees, we also developed an app version of the magazine, with extra audio and video content. These new channels, combined with existing means of communicating: intranet sites, email announcements and digital screens, are enabling us to communicate and engage with our people more frequently than ever before.


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