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Online payroll FAQs

How do I register for the service?

Complete the simple registration form.

Can I start using the service part way through the tax year?

Yes: You will need to ask your current payroll provider for the employees' current tax codes and their year to date information; this includes their current gross pay and current gross tax for the current tax year.

Once you have this information, we will require it for the first week you start using the service.

Can the payroll system calculate holiday pay? 

Yes:, but we need some information from you. We currently run 3 holiday years on the system. These are; January to December; April to March; and October to September.

You will need to let us know which of these is appropriate for you and whether your employees have already taken any holiday leave outside of being paid through Marston's Payroll Services. We will then use your employee start dates to calculate each person's holiday entitlement for the year, based on 5 weeks and 3 days being the maximum for anyone who has started before the holiday year began, and then pro rata for anyone who has started since that date.

Employees will then accrue holiday pay each week that they work up until the end of the holiday year. Payments are based on an average weeks pay for each employee, this information is gathered by working out an average based on the previous 12 weeks work, and entered by using the number of days off, against the number of days usually worked in one week.

I have a new employee, what do I need to do?

You need to set up your new employee using the 'New Staff' option. To do this you will need to know their basic details such as dates of birth, national insurance number, address, rate of pay and start date. Once you have entered this information your new employee will appear on your staff payments screen. You will also need to ask your new employee for either a P45 from their previous job, or get them to fill in a P46 and declare their employment circumstances.

Once you have either of these forms, you can forward them to Marston's Payroll Services.

What time do my hours need to be in by?

We need your hours to be entered onto the system by 10am on a Monday morning. This gives us time to download the information, run the payroll, and get your payslips back to you by Thursday at the latest.

Once we get to 10am on a Monday morning we close the week off on the website. This then stops you from being able to use the first four options on your payroll system, this being the ability to enter any new starters, change any employee details, enter leavers and enter any staff payments to be paid. Once we have completed the payroll for the week, and sent your payslips back to you, the new week is then opened and your options are made available to you once more.

What do I need to open the payslip file?

You will require the latest version of Adobe Reader. If you have any trouble in opening the payslips, there is a link to the newest version of Adobe Reader via the homepage of the payroll website.

Are there any extra costs that I may be charged other than the rate per payslip?

Please contact us to see if any additional set-up costs apply.

What is the address to send any correspondence to?

The address you will need to use is as follows:

Marston's Payroll Services
Marston() 's House.

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